Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The End

Well, I was able to keep up The One A Day project for 27 days before life became to busy. So what did I learn. I learned that you can take at least one picture a day if you have the time, often creativity was lacking, but it did force me to take pictures I would not have other wise taken. What got in the way. A garage which had to be built, plus other life events. This was lots of fun, maybe I'll try The One A Day project again some day. Until then . . .

This photograph was taken in Marine City, MI.  I processed the photo with a Lomo filter in GIMP.

This is the same tree, different angle and I zoomed out as I took the photo.

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rodneo said...

David, Good day mate. I don't know for sure how I surfed to your site but was amazed at the similarity of interests that you decided to pursue.

When I saw you were a "God chaser" Believer, a Ham radio operator and a photog I drilled and was just overwhelmingly impressed with the things you focused on to pursue.

You photos are fantastic, your info on firing the RM 20 and getting out to worship really made my day.

Great site and to network into you.