Friday, September 11, 2009

One A Day #3

The One A Day Project

Harsen's Island, located at the end of the St Clair River where it flows into Lake St Clair, has a rich history.  Some of this history has been preserved in the Old School House Grill.  The Harsen's Island School operated out of the building (seen below) from 1934 until 2005.  After the school was closed in 2005 it sat decaying until it was bought and turned into a restaurant; The School House Grill. The food is excellent and the waite staff is very friendly. Highly recommend.  EXIF Data: 44mm, 1/4000, F9.0, ISO 800.
Harsen's Island Old School House Grill (School 1934 - 2005, Grill Est: 2009)

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