Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dolce Pics 60

9 Chimneys

This weeks Dolce Pics gave me the opportunity to combine two images in a creative way. I found the picture of the 9 Chimneys on the net (looks like England). In Gimp I then took the smoke from Dolce Pics 60, reduced by 85%, pasted as a layer in the appropriate locations and set the layer mode to Difference. Flatten and save and this is what you get. Hope you enjoy the results. Below you will see the two pictures side by side with their original ratios preserved.


laurahana said...

I love how you took the picture and just ran with it! Funny how I never even thought to make a composite with a chimney despite the obvious relationship. Thanks for playing!

kristin t said...

Very creative "play"!

Puna said...

Wonderfully creative! I enjoyed it very much.