Saturday, March 7, 2009

Picasa: A Great Tool.


Post Process with Picasa

I use two primary tools for post processing of my photographs; Picasa and Gimp. Both programs are available for Windows and Linux operating systems. The above photos shows what can be accomplished with a RAW photograph and Picasa (you can work with jpg's also, but there is more wiggle room with RAW). If you've not tried Picasa it's worth the download.

The above photo was shot at 1/80s, f5.0, ISO 100, and 62mm on a rainy overcast day at about 2 in the afternoon. The original did not look like much, but after a little work with Picasa I was able to have a reasonable presentation for World in Pictures Day at


JAN' PLACE said...

you make me want to play around with my Picasa more, this is a huge difference!

this too will pass said...

works well

laura-dolcepics said...

What a huge difference a little post processing can do! :)