Saturday, March 14, 2009


How to do macro without a macro lens.

I've tried on several occasions to do macros using my standard lenses. The problem is getting close enough. Then I read about a technique where you take your lens and hold it on backwards. I tried this and with great success. Here is a picture of my winter cap real close up. The f stop is wide open being that it is not connected physically to the camera, the focus is adjusted by moving the camera in and out. I needed full sun light on the object to get enough light. This photo was Picture of the Day on Photovoice on Saturday March 14, 2009.

So How Macro Is This.

The pictures below can give you an idea of how close you can get. The first picture was taken with my ZD 14-45 lens set at 14mm. The lines are 0.05 inches apart. Size of the Object is 0.2 inches by 0.15 inches. The second picture was taken at 45mm make the size 0.7 inches by 0.5inches. As you can see, this method allows you to get in real close. Give it a try, this is lots of fun.

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